Sunday, December 16, 2007

Stefano Bollani Brasilia 2007

Well friends,

First here are some great cd's that Dr.Marcilio bought, you should all check it out :

- Giovanni Guidi Trio - Tomorrow Never Knows
- Vladimir Shafranov Trio - Portrait In Music
- Alessandro Lanzoni Trio - On The Snow
- Olivier Antunes Trio - Introducing
- Michele Di Toro - Il Passo del Gatto

None of the artist above I've heard before. Jazz is Alive and very well !!!!!!!!!

Well here in Brasilia, we had the chance to meet Stefano Bollani "Solo".
This one is THE MAN.
Beside playing great Jazz, he is a superb entertainer, and he truly knows more than 2000 songs.


Happy 2008 and Merry Christmas !!!!!!!!!!!!
To remember on You Tube at the sidebar, the late AND GREAT MCHEL PETRUCCIANI