Sunday, February 27, 2011

1 Sem 2011 - Part Six

Nuno Campos Trio
My Debut For The Ones Close To Me

Track listing:
My Debut For The Ones Close Tome
1. Groovy Waltz
2. Godfather’s Gift
3. My First Song Will Always Be For You
4. 4 Of Us Plus 3 Wives Makes 7
5. Marc’s Tune
6. Letter To Evan
7. Free Intro
8. Mardis
Bonus Track
9. Godfather’s Gift (Slow Version)

Massimo Urbani Quartet
The Blessing

by Steven Loewry AMG
Massimo recorded a stream of great performances in his short lifetime, and this one is no exception. If some of the material sounds a tad dated, the vast majority is first-rate, and Urbani makes the most of all of it. The best pieces are the familiar ones: the two alternate takes of "What's New" and the startling different versions of "The Way You Look Tonight." Urbani's quartets always feature the leading Italian jazzers, and this one includes bassist Giovanni Tommaso, creative original pianist Danilo Rea, and the ubiquitous Roberto Gatto. On two of the less interesting numbers written by Tommaso, the group is joined by tenor saxophonist Maurizio Urbani. Hearing Massimo on "My Little Suede Shoes" leaves no doubt about his roots, as if the giant picture of Bird on the cover leaflet juxtaposed with the title, "The Blessing" could be misunderstood. A class act, and one that should not disappoint the most discriminating critics of hard bop.

Minsarah ( Florian Weber/ Jeff Denson/ Ziv Ravitz )
Blurring The Lines

Track List:
1 Three Sided Coin, Ravitz
2 Alone Together, Dietz, Schwartz
3 Intersection, Denson
4 Déjà Vu, Denson
5 Points of View, Weber
6 Lazy Afternoon, Batouche, Moross
7 When I Was a Child, Denson 
8 The Gallows, Weber
9 1994, Ravitz

Baptiste Trotignon
Suite ......

After "Share", recorded with a top-level international group – Tom Harrell, Mark Turner, Matt Penman, Otis Brown III, Eric Harland – in New York in June 2008, Baptiste Trotignon is back with "Suite …", an ambitious project recorded on tour last summer with almost the same team (Jeremy Pelt replaces Tom Harrell). The result is a very fine "Suite" for quintet, lasting about fifty minutes and in five parts, sometimes with and sometimes without interludes.
Working together in the studio, then in concert during their world tour, the group has grown even stronger and more cohesive; inventiveness and improvisation play an important part in this second album. With raw energy – yet an energy that is also subtle, refined and precise – the piece entitled Suite, recorded at Charlie Wright’s in London, represents the quintessence of the style the group has gradually worked out, giving Trotignon’s writing magnificent developments that make it into a small masterpiece of contemporary jazz, stylistically rooted in the foundations of that music (Part 1, Part 3) but at the same time nourished by other colours of which Trotignon is fond: Brazilian chorinho (Part 4), pop tunes (Part 5), or more European classical influences (Prologue, Interlude 1).
After Suite, which is almost orchestral in form, come two shorter pieces. Flow (recorded in the studio at the same time as the first album, "Share") opens with a splendid unaccompanied solo from Mark Turner, played as only he knows how, then just flows intensely for about ten minutes; the audience is completely won over, and beside itself with joy. After the density of the past hour of music, the CD ends on a lighter note with the ballad I fall in love too easily (recorded in Paris), a peaceful evocation of original swing and blues.
This album shows the great talents of this new virtuoso group and its excellent composer and leader, Baptiste Trotignon (this is his eighth recording as leader).
"Suite" is a truly fine follow-up!

SambaJazz Trio
Alegria de Viver

By eJazz
O Sambajazz Trio possui três grandes diferenciais: a fluência e o virtuosismo do pianista Kiko Continentino, a alegria e o ritmo contagiante do contrabaixista Luiz Alves (que tantas páginas vêm escrevendo na história da música brasileira) e o fenômeno Clauton “Neguinho” Sales, que além de baterista e excelente trompetista, inventou uma forma genial de tocar simultaneamente os dois instrumentos. É um trio que está fazendo história no Brasil e exterior, por seu trabalho excepcional e de muita categoria. Recentemente o grupo realizou concertos na Europa e Norte da África, com grande sucesso. Foi emocionante ver um trio com formação tradicional de piano, contrabaixo e bateria (além do trompete), tocando música brasileira de primeira, com bom gosto e sofisticação.
No lançamento do CD Alegria de Viver, em homenagem à Luisinho Eça, o grupo instrumental reúne com maestria o swing do samba, a elegância da bossa-nova e a liberdade da improvisação jazzística.
Kiko Continentino - piano
Luiz Alves - contrabaixo
Clauton "Neguinho" Sales - bateria e trompete

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