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Jazz and Concord's Live At Maybeck Recital Hall

 Maybeck Recital Hall

by Leonardo Barroso
What is Jazz ? It's a music style ? It's the same as blues ?
Many ask these questions, but only a few unfortunately know the true meaning of Jazz !
Jazz is not a style or any kind of.
Jazz is music; the true, honest, sincere and free way to play it.
Through jazz you can play any "kind" of music (rock,pop,bossa-nova,country,classical,blues,....).
With Jazz the musician can put and bring his/hers best. But to embrace Jazz, the artist must be strong and loyal to his/hers art-form, must be at the top of their playing, because having the freedom to create music, is one the great pleasures in life.
For us listeners/aficionados/consumer, is just the opportunity we have, to be amazed and unsure of what the next note will be, for this note, is giving us the chance of hearing a moment of bliss, that is translated to ( a now famous by my great jazz mentor Mr. Bob Barroso ) EARGASM !!!!!
Well, one of the ways to experience the beauty and freedom of Jazz/music, are the recordings made live at Maybeck Recital Hall. From 1990 to 1996, there were 42 Pianists playing at the same place, same piano ( Yamaha S-400B and C7-FII on some Duo recordings ) and on different dates. No artist sounds tha same or even the piano sounds the same, one completely different from the other.
This is music, this is Jazz ! No one can label the beauty of these recordings.
Beside all this great 42 CD's released by Concord Jazz, they recorded 10 more entitled: Concord Duo Series, at the same magnificent place, everyone produced by the late Carl E. Jefferson.
I do urge everyone, to ask Concord Jazz to re-release all 52 recordings and it's true legacy to music, to JAZZ !

Live At Maybeck Recital Hall Series

Volume         Artist

1              Joanne Brackeen
2              Dave McKenna
3              Dick Hyman
4              Walter Norris
5              Stanley Cowell
6              Hal Galper
7              John Hicks
8              Gerry Wiggins
9              Marian McPartland
10            Kenny Barron
11            Roger Kellaway
12            Barry Harris
13            Steve Kuhn
14            Alan Broadbent
15            Buddy Montgomery
16            Hank Jones
17            Jaki Byard
18            Mike Wofford
19            Richie Beirach
20            Jim McNeely
21            Jessica Williams
22            Ellis Larkins
23            Gene Harris
24            Adam Makowicz
25            Cedar Walton
26            Bill Mays
27            Denny Zeitlin
28            Andy LaVerne
29            John Campbell
30            Ralph Sutton
31            Fred Hersch
32            Roland Hanna
33            Don Friedman
34            Kenny Werner
35            George Cables
36            Toshiko Akiyoshi
37            John Colianni
38            Ted Rosenthal
39            Kenny Drew, Jr.
40            Monty Alexander
41            Allen Farnham
42            James Williams

Concord Duo series

Volume            Artist
1.             Roger Kellaway & Red Mitchell
2.             Dave McKenna & Gray Sargent
3.             Ken Peplowski & Howard Alden
4.             Alan Broadbent & Gary Foster
5.             Adam Makowicz & George Mraz
6.             Ralph Sutton & Dick Hyman
7.             Bill Mays & Ed Bickert
8.             Hal Galper & Jeff Johnson
9.             Michael Moore & Bill Charlap
10.           Chris Potter & Kenny Werner

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