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1 Sem 2012 - Part Twenty

Tõnu Naissoo Trio
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By EastWind
Performed by:
Tõnu Naissoo (piano)
Taavo Remmel (bass)
Ahto Abner (drums)

Release Date: 08/26/2011 
The latest piano trio CD from Atelier Sawano features Tonu Naissoo, the extraordinary Estonian pianist who has become a household name in Japan thanks to the label's past efforts. Naisso's ninth CD features brilliant renditions of pop tunes (the title track by Bob Dylan, "You've Got A Friend" by Carole King), standards and original compositions.
The trio seems to sound more powerful, propulsive and creative as they gain confidence over the years. A very special piano trio album! Recommended!

Pier Paolo Pozzi Quartet
Je Volais Je Le Jure - Tribute To Jacques Brel

Péniche L'Improviste, 23 mars 2012 tarif préférentiel
L'Improviste est un espace convivial de diffusion, de découverte et de création autour du jazz. Tout fraîchement arrivée sur le bassin de la Villette, la péniche vous offre de découvrir le vendredi 23 mars à 21h, Pier Paolo Pozzi Quartet dans un hommage à Jacques Brel.
« Ce nouveau projet est né d’un travail collectif d’arrangements, dont l’ ambition finale était de restituer autant que possible, l’intensité de l’interprétation de Jacques Brel, en utilisant les moyens à notre disposition : la tessiture harmonique et rythmique qui dans le jazz contemporain jouissent d’une plus grande liberté. C’est ainsi qu’est né notre hommage à Jacques Brel. J’ai la nette impression , qu’au delà des qualités techniques de chacun, transparaît dans ce disque, au moins en partie, la charge émotive que nous avions éprouvée, la gorge serrée et les larmes aux yeux à l’écoute de ses chansons. » Pier Paolo Pozzi
Pier Paolo Pozzi : Batteur, compositeur, arrangeur. Né à Varese en 1964. En 1997, il crée le Pier Paolo Pozzi Quartet avec Paolo Fresu trompette, Fabio Zeppetella guitare, Jean-Jacques Avenel contrebasse, groupe avec lequel il enregistre son premier disque comme leader « Greetings from... Challenge Records 2000. Nombreuses sont les collaborations comme session-man dans différentes formations: Daniel Mille, Jean-Jacques Avenel, Pierre de Bethmann, Michel Graillier, Jean-Loup Longnon, Richard Clemens, Gimmy Gourley, Denis Le Loup, Barend Midelhoff (CD - Barend Middelhoff Quintet « City lines » B. Middelhoff sax, Denis Leloup trombone, Olivier Ker Ourio armonica, Stephane Kerecki contrebasse Challenge Records 2001), Olivier Ker Ourio, Gilda Solve (CD - Gilda Solve « the best is yet to come » G. Solve voix, Patrice Galas, Marc Fosset Gus Nemeth ) Paula West, Giovanni Mirabassi, Patrice Galas (CD - Patrice GALAS "A time for jazz trios" – P. Galas piano, Gus Nemeth, Brian Hurley,), Harold Singer, Daniel Mille, Joe Chindamo, Joshua Redman et d’autres.
Avec : Sébastien Jarrousse : saxophone, Yoni Zelnik : contrebasse, Pier Paolo Pozzi : batterie, Rémy Decormeille : piano

Guido Santoni, Danilo Gallo, U.T. Gandhi
Inside A Dream

By EastWind
Guido Santoni (piano)
Danilo Gallo (bass)
U.T. Gandhi (drums)
 Italian pianist Guido Santoni was classically trained but gravitated towards jazz after he encountered electric jazz of Miles Davis and Weather Report in the 1970s. He began his professional career in the 1990s playing a wide spectrum of jazz as well as soul music.
Over time and with experience, he has become a more improvisational acoustic piano player whose impressionistic and sonorous style and solid technique are used to create music from the inside, inspired by his emotions and feelings. Inside A Dream is Santoni's debut CD from Italy's hot new independent label Artesuono, which has become famous among Japanese audiophiles for the great sound produced by producer and engineer Stefano Amerio in his own studio equipped with a Fazzioli piano.
Santoni had never met his bandmates (bassist Danilo Gallo and drummer U.T. Gandhi) before he went into the studio, and without any rehearsal they started to make music. The program consists entirely of Santoni's originals plus two short improvisational pieces. The music is impressionistic, lyrical, and often melancholic, reminiscent of the Enrico Pieranunzi trio. The beautiful collective improvisation -- musical conversations and spontaneous creation -- by the three musicians and superb sonics make this CD special.
Recorded by Stefano Amerio at Artesuono Recording Studios, Cavalicco, Italy.

Dario Carnovale Trio
Exit For Three

By EastWind
Dario Carnovale (piano)
Yuri Goloubev (bass)
Luca Colussi (drums)

Release Date: 12/15/2010
 This is a brilliant international debut of Dario Carnovale, extraordinarily talented young Sicilian pianist. His tough and highly completed pianism has already brought a great applause and excellent reviews, prompting one reviewer to call him "one of the greatest surprise after Stefano Bollani."
Born in 1979, Carnovale studied composition, percussion and piano at Conservatory of Palermo. He began his career by playing in various orchestras but later turned to jazz and studied with Enrico Rava, Franco D'Andrea and Stefano Battaglia.
On his second CD as a leader, Carnovale is accompanied by outstanding Russian bassist Yuri Goloubev, who also began his career as a classical double-bass player (and a great one at that), and drummer Luca Colussi.
The proram consists entirely of original compositions (11 by Carnovale and two by Goloubev) which are lyrical, pensive and muscular. The sound quality of the CD, recorded at Artesuono Studio known for its many recordings for ECM, is also superb. A wonderful trio album by a major talent in Europe!
Recorded at Artesuono Recording Studio, Cavalicco (Udine), Italy.

Leszek Mozdzer

By Bruce Lindsay at AllAboutJazz
Krzysztof Komeda, the Polish musician and composer who died, age 38, in 1969, was a key figure in the emergence of European jazz, and remains a major source of inspiration for musicians across the continent. On Komeda, his ACT solo album debut, pianist Leszek Możdżer pays his own beautifully crafted tribute to his fellow countryman.
Despite his early death, Komeda's body of work is extensive and influential—showing that it was possible to take the ideas and themes of American jazz and create something that had its own uniquely Old World atmosphere. In the 21st century trumpeter Tomasz Stańko is probably the best-known exponent of Komeda's work, while the New York based Komeda Project, led by expat Polish musicians Andrzej Winnicki and Krzysztof Medyna, flies the flag for Komeda in the New World.
Możdżer is a classically-trained pianist, born in Gdansk, who discovered jazz as an 18 year-old and now moves comfortably between the classical concert stage and jazz performance, garnering numerous awards along the way. He's played with Stańko and has recorded with bassist Lars Danielsson. His classical background strongly influences the sound of Komeda—especially on the opening bars of "Svantetic," where he introduces the tune with some sparklingly delicate upper register flourishes.
Many of Komeda's best-known compositions were written for Roman Polanski movies such as Rosemary's Baby (1968) or Knife In The Water (1962), films whose air of suspense and fear was heightened by the tension and darkness in Komeda's music. While Możdżer's choice of compositions includes some of this music, he focuses firmly on the more lyrical and romantic side of Komeda's work. Still, "Sleep Safe And Warm," the lullaby from Rosemary's Baby, still retains some of that darkness—however beautiful the melody may be—while"Cherry" finds Możdżer developing a funkier, more aggressive, groove, and "Crazy Girl" and "Moja Ballada" both have an edgier tone.
Komeda's cover art is a piece by German artist Martin Noël. Its soft pastel tones are perhaps a little more restrained than the usual ACT cover images, but its calm and gentle beauty perfectly reflects the restrained loveliness of Możdżer's playing and Komeda's writing. ACT's selection of solo piano albums has another excellent addition in Komeda.
Track Listing:
Svantetic; Sleep Safe And Warm; Ballad for Dernt; The Law And The Fist; Nighttime, Daytime Requiem; Cherry; Crazy Girl; Moja Ballada.
Personnel: Leszek Możdżer: piano.

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