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1 Sem 2013 - Part Three

The Cube: Moroni, Dulbecco, Fioravanti, Zirilli, Bagnoli
Quiet Yesterday

By abeat
“ The cube ” is a group composed by some of the best European musicians whose leader, Dado Moroni, may be considered at present as the most popular Italian pianist in the world. Tom Harrell is esteemed as one of the most important musician and composer of the recent jazz history, provided with an incomparable style . “ The cube ” musical project was born two years ago (the previous name was “ Psychodrum ” ). The starting idea was to create around Dado Moroni pianist a very strong rhythm by using two drum players, Stefano Bagnoli and Enzo Zirilli, while Andrea Dulbecco was on the vibes and Riccardo Fioravanti on the doublebass. Then the band realized that the outcome was something of unique, not only due to the fullness of the rhythm. In fact thanks to their exceptional sensitivity and expressive qualities, the musicians created a first rate sound that allowed to get more ambitious goals . All the songs, except “Streets” by Tom Harrell, are original tracks from the performers. There is also a new Tom Harrell’s song, entitled “Tom’s soul”, a real pearl destined to enter the “cult ” (o cultural?) repertoire of the contemporary music. It is a cd of unbeatable beauty.
'' THE CUBE '':

Oscar Castro-Neves
Live At Blue Note Tokyo

By Edward Blanco
Live at Blue Note Tokyo is a celebration of Brazilian jazz played in one of the foremost jazz clubs in the world—a gathering of old friends and the discovery of new friends, all coming together for legendary guitarist Oscar Castro-Neves. A founding father of the bossa nova musical movement, Castro-Neves became a leading figure in the genre, recording historic albums with Antonio Carlos Jobim, Dori Caymmi and Stan Getz, and touring with the likes of Dizzy Gillespie, Barbra Streisand, Ella Fitzgerald and countless others. On this outing, the guitarist/singer brings together percussionist Airto Moreira and vocalist Leila Pinheiro, both old friends, for an exciting collaboration with new musical partners to record a gem of Brazilian music.
The music is a compilation of performances recorded over a seven-night 2009 stretch at the Blue Note Tokyo jazz club, and features an all-star cast of Brazilian musicians playing three of Castro-Neves' own compositions, as well as songs from Jobim, Moreira, Baden Powell and others. The album was meant to capture only a snapshot of the incredible bossa music produced over the last fifty years. Needless to say, though the fourteen-piece repertoire is diverse, exciting and engaging, it in no way sufficiently documents the history of this great genre with such worldwide appeal. Nevertheless, from the strings of Castro-Neves' guitar, the lips of Pinheiro, and passionate performances from the band, Brazil comes alive with beautiful bossa melodies.
While vocals are certainly the mainstay of this disc, Castro-Neves' original, "My Sweet Sweetiepie," is a gorgeous instrumental collaboration between the leader and pianist Paulo Calasans. The guitarist opens the album with a vocal performance on the lively bossa rhythms of "Ela É Carioca," while on "Ponteio," he is joined by Pinheiro, who provides the lead vocals. There are other notable vocal performances here, including the two Jobim pieces, "Domingo Azul Do Mar/Fotographia," and "Waters of March." The brief but beautiful "Rio" and the classic Powell song, "Canto De Ossanha," are also wonderful vocal spots.
It's been said that jazz seems to be far more popular around the world than it is in the United States, with Japan listed as one country that has fully embraced the music. Audience response to this live recording confirms that the Brazilian sub-genre is just as popular. Led by guitarist Oscar Castro-Neves, one of the most important exponents of the bossa nova, Live at The Blue Note Tokyo showcases an all-star cast of players in a world-renowned setting, delivering the music of Brazil with passion and class.
Track Listing:
Ela E Carioca; Ponteio; My Sweet Sweetiepie; Domingo Azul Do Mar/Fotografia; Waters of March; Rio; Caninana; Rio Dawning; Tatiando; Misturada/Tombo; Choro Tua Tristeza; Canto De Ossanha; Manha De Carnaval; Deixa.
Oscar Castro-Neves: acoustic guitar, synthesizer guitar, vocals; Airto Moreira: drums, caxixis (3), pandeiro (7, 13), vocals (7, 13); Leila Pinheiro: vocals; Marco Bosco: percussion, voice and bird effects (9); Paulo Calasans: acoustic piano, keyboards; Marcelo Mariano: electric bass.

Serge Delaite Trio Invite Marcel Azzola

By EastWind
French pianist Serge Delaite has entertained Japanese jazz fans over the years through his seven previous releases from Atelier Sawano. While his previous albums are all with his own trio, this special CD, a collection of songs about Paris, has an important guest, accordion player Marcel Azzola. In addition, on a few tunes we hear Hubert Delaite on guitar and vocal and Henri Wocjik on clarinet.
The proceedings have an unmistakably French mood - relaxed, elegant, light-hearted. Lots of French chansons here, but Serge Delaite and his trio make sure that it swings! A very nice French jazz album, tastefully executed.
Recorded in 2007.
Serge Delaite (piano)
Marcel Azzola (accordion)
Hubert Delaite (guitar,vocal)
Jean-Marc Lajudie (drums)
Pascal Combeau (bass)
Henri Wocjik (clarinet)
1. Paris je t'aime
2. A Paris
3. Paris tu n'as pas change
4. Un disque de Paris
5. Sous le ciel de Paris
6. Paris-Bahia
7. Ou est passe mon St-German des Pres?
8. Mademoiselle de Paris
9. Paris sera toujours Paris
10. J'ai laisse mon coeur a Paris
11. Retour a Paris  
12. La romance de Paris
13. Il n'y a qu'un Paris
14. Quel temps fait-il a Paris?

Dezron Douglas Trio
Walkin' My Baby Back Home

By EastWind
Born and raised in Hartford, Connecticut, Dezron Douglas began playing the bass at age nine. Learning first about music in the church, he joined his father Alton Douglas's gospel quartet when he was 12. Being the nephew of legendary jazz drummer and composer Walter Bolden, Douglas was surrounded by music during most of his childhood. Graduating from the Jackie McLean Institute where he studied with Nat Reeves, Steve Davis, and McLean, he has gone on to perform and record with such jazz luminaries as Michael Carvin, Pharoah Sanders, Nicholas Payton, Joe Farnsworth, Eric Alexander, Andy Bey, Kevin Mahogany, and others.
Venus Records introduces this extremely talented jazz bassist in his debut CD Walkin' My Baby Back Home with a superb trio with Cyrus Chestnut on piano and Lewis Nashon drums. Douglas' powerful and lyrical bass playing shines on equal footing with the two masters' awesome performances. Selection of tunes and arrangements are fresh and interesting, as well. Dezron Douglas is definitely a bassist to watch!
Produced by Tetsuo Hara and Todd Barkan. 
Recorded at Avatar Studio in New York on March 30 and 31, 2011.
Engineered by Katherine Miller. Mixed and Mastered by Tetsuo Hara.
Dezron Douglas (bass)
Cyrus Chestnut (piano)
Lewis Nash (drums)
1. Walkin' My Baby Back Home
2. Stay On It
3. Minority
4. Beautiful Moons Ago
5. You're Looking At Me
6. I Can't See For Lookin'
7. Darling Je Vous Aime Beaucoup
8. Portrait Of Jennie
9. We'll Be Together Again  

Vladimir Shafranov Trio
Whisper Not

By EastWind
Russian-born pianist Vladimir Shafranov, who was intoduced to Japanese jazz fans by Atelier Sawano in the 1990s, moved to Venus Records and delivered his first album from his new label. A long-time resident of Finland, this time Shafranov teamed up with a great American rhythm section: Peter Washington on bass and Victor Lewis on drums.
With the support of this powerful rhythm section, Shafranov dazzles with his romanticism, beautiful harmonies and driving swing. A thoroughly enjoyable piano trio album and a must-have for Shafranov fans!
Recorded at Sear Sound Studio, New York, on January 28, 2012. 
Engineered by Katherine Miller. Mixed and Mastered by Tetsuo Hara.
Vladimir Shafranov (piano)
Peter Washington (bass)
Victor Lewis (drums)
1. You And The Night And The Music
2. Holy Land
3. I Remember Clifford
4. Whisper Not
5. Moon And Sand
6. Hush-A-Bye
7. Day Dream/Star-Crossed Lovers
8. Oblivion
9. If You Could See Me Now
10. A Beautiful Friendship  

Michael Wollny

By John Fordham - The Guardian
Having hoisted its flag on the remarkable success of Esbjorn Svensson's EST, Siegfried Loch's ACT label might now be assumed to have a hooks-and-grooves agenda that could cramp the many other jazz talents on its books. But if ACT's artists tend to a more populist appeal than compatriot label ECM, they follow their own paths none the less. One of the company's fastest rising stars is the creative young pianist Michael Wollny, whose trio helped ACT celebrate its 10th birthday in London in May. Hexentanz ("witch dance") is Wollny's debut as an unaccompanied soloist, a programme of originals he describes as "gothic music".
Wollny immersed himself in Schubert, Steve Reich, Björk and jazz pianist Joachim Kühn as preparation, and there are two suite-like multipart pieces: one referring to Schubert's sound palette, though not his themes; the other the five-track title. A powerful sample-assisted opener is followed by a Schubertian section beginning on a gracefully sombre, spacious theme turning into skimming free-jazzy runs, accelerating rising phrases hitting big, jarring chords, slow-blooming motifs veering into flying fast figures that none the less retain the initiating shape. The title suite is played with a mix of charismatic conviction and poignancy, full of dynamic shocks building to a low-end thunder against blurted treble bursts. Björk's Where Is the Line sounds like Dancing Cheek to Cheek played by Frankenstein's monster, and the same composer's Joga sounds like early Carla Bley played by Paul Bley. Hexentanz isn't jazzy in the swing sense, but it shows the starbound Wollny using jazz sensibilities in the most creative ways.

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