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1 Sem 2015 - Part Eight

Sergio Rossoni Grupo

By Dicionáriompb
Grupo fundado em 1997 por Sérgio Rossoni (guitarra), juntamente com Aldo Barreto (bateria e percussão), Mário Carvalho (piano e teclado), Marcelo Mainieri (contrabaixo) e José Penna (flauta). Lançou nesse ano o CD “Sérgio Rossoni Grupo”. O disco recebeu indicação para o Prêmio Sharp.
Em 2000, gravou o CD “Pescadores”. Em 2003, lançou o CD “Fogo Cerrado”, que teve show de lançamento no Supremo Musical (SP), com a participação especial do percussionista Jorge Marciano.
1-Um Passo; 2-Três Marias; 3-Pescadores; 4-Catedral; 5-Serra da Canastra
6-O pequeno circo do sertão; 7. Reflexos; 8-Olhos de Deborah; 9-Folia de Reis

John Stetch
Off With The Cuffs

Off With the Cuffs

By Tom Twain 
This Cd is simply amazing. It combines great classical works with improvisation and jazz and keeps your interest every moment.
It stimulated my mind, body, emotions, and soul. Each composition is like going on a journey where the beginning is somewhat known but then you take a road never traveled and that is where the mystery, intrigue and excitement begins.
On another level this music can be meditative and relaxing to the mind and body....John's TOUCH and inflections on the piano a first rate and professional. He is a classical AND jazz pianist. So he knows how to play the instrument and improvise on a high level.
I highly recommend this CD to pianist, classical musicians, jazz musicians, and anyone who loves music. 

Luigi Martinale Trio
Strange Days

By Amazon
“Bitter-elegant touch, communicative fluent melodies on perfect harmonization, and a pinch of Soul Music” – The next Piano Trio Masterpiece by Turinese pianist Luigi Martinale, accompanied by international top bassist Reuben Rogers and his old friend Paolo Franciscone on drums.
Strange Days; Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered; The Electric Blue Flight Case;
Christmas Eve; Oops, A Pop One; Passaggio Ad E.S.T.; Invitation;
Gentle Touch; What Is This Thing Called Love; The Magic In Looking Back;
Anyway A Good Day.
Luigi Martinale (p); Reuben Rogers (b); Paolo Franciscone (ds)

Jimmy Cobb
The Original Mob

By C. Andrew Hovan 
As the Smoke Sessions list of titles continues to grow, so too do we get to check out some of the country's greatest drummer. The much in-demand Joe Farnsworth has been featured on the label's releases by Harold Mabern and David Hazeltine. Furthermore, one of the most recent titles is a headlining date for the legendary Louis Hayes. Now, comes along a new set that puts the spotlight on renowned drummer Jimmy Cobb, a gentleman that for most of his career worked almost exclusively as a sideman. However, since the late '90s, Cobb has had more than several occasions to step out as a leader with several versions of an ensemble he calls Cobb's Mob.
So the story goes, the original line up of Cobb's Mob mentioned in the title goes back some 20 years when the drummer worked with pianist Brad Mehldau, bassist John Webber, and guitarist Peter Bernstein at The Village Gate. Since each musician is a leader in their own right and quite busy, it's no surprise that the opportunities to work with Cobb have been limited in the ensuing years. That's what makes this album so special.
It should be noted that unlike all the previous releases from Smoke Sessions, this date was not recorded before a live audience. Instead, the tables were removed and things were set up like a studio session. Cobb mentions in the liners that it reminded him of recording in the home of Rudy Van Gelder back in the '50s when the living room served as the studio. The overall sound seems lazar etched, but with a sense of warmth and just the right amount of reverberation to make things sound natural. In fact, Cobb's drums have rarely sounded better.
The repertoire is nicely balanced between choice standards and originals by Cobb, Bernstein, Mehldau, and Webber. There are also some fine solos from Cobb and he trades fours on occasion, sounding particularly musical on "Sunday in New York." It is also a treat to hear Mehldau away from the introverted type of performances that constitute much of his work as a leader. On his original piece, "Unrequited," Bernstein drops out and the pianist delivers a piquant bossa that ever so tastefully integrates bebop lines with classically-inspired runs.
Bernstein finds his own time in the spotlight, sounding particularly fine on "Composition 101," where he delivers the melody in the Blue Note style of Grant Green, then goes on to weave some wonderful lines that span the upper and lower registers of the guitar. The guitarist's own "Minor Blues" is the type of engaging waltz tempo that has become somewhat of his own trademark. It is set off nicely against the rest of the program, which is made up of medium to brisk swingers.
Much has been made lately of the idea that jazz has to somehow eschew key elements of its identity to mature and advance itself. Cobb and crew create the kind of timeless and rewarding jazz that satisfies on so many levels and yet is accessible enough for even the most neophyte listeners. If that isn't advancing the art form, then I don't know what is.
Track Listing: 
Old Devil Moon; Amsterdam After Dark; Sunday in New York; Stranger in Paradise; Unrequited; Composition 101; Remembering U; Nobody Else But Me; Minor Blues; Lickety Split.
Peter Bernstein: guitar; Brad Mehldau: piano; John Webber: bass; Jimmy Cobb: drums. 

Clovis Nicolas
Nine Stories

By Gabriel Medina Arenas
Ron Carter's judgment regarding the talent of a fellow double bassist can't be wrong. The acclaimed musician, who has recorded more than 2,500 albums and was a fundamental member of the Miles Davis Quintet, highly praises the sound and compositions of Clovis Nicolas.
Carter wrote the liner notes to Nicolas' Nine Stories, the first solo album from a young but experienced double bassist born in the Ivory Coast, who earned a Bachelor's and a Master's degree in Music at the distinguished Juilliard School.
Before recording his individual debut, Nicolas cultivated a good reputation after playing with eminent musicians like Branford Marsalis, Brad Mehldau, Andre "Dede" Ceccarelli, Michel Legrand, Stephane Belmondo, Baptiste Trotignon and, more recently, at the tribute show "Ron Carter at 75" on March 2012 at the Alice Tully Hall of Juilliard School.
The musician who has proven his impressive skills at world famous jazz festivals like Montreux, Marciac, Montreal and Vienne makes a brilliant arrangement of "The Bridge," a 1962 melody from celebrated tenor saxophonist, Sonny Rollins. If the listener closes his or her eyes it is not so difficult to imagine the Williamsburg Bridge in New York City, where Rollins practiced day and night before the birth of his comeback album, also titled The Bridge.
Nicolas and his men do a respectful but exciting homage to the sax giant by playing with their heart and soul. The double bassist masters his instrument and creates a perfect atmosphere for young Seattle trumpeter Riley Mulherkar and Swiss saxophonist Luca Stoll to show why they were handpicked by Nicolas for this record.
"Thon's Tea" is another of the album's stimulating themes. Its speed and rhythm changes seem to be linked to the mood of the band. Alex Wintz melancholic tone on the guitar is contrasted by energetic drummer Jimmy Macbride.
"Pisces," the first melody of the album, sets the bar high with its impeccable sound and flawless double bass execution. Riley Mulherkar also shows his depurated trumpet technique. It's a perfect melody to listen to live at Birdland, Blue Note, Dizzy's or any other noted New York City jazz club in which Nicolas has played for more than a decade.
"You and the Night and the Music," a 1934 standard composed by Arthur Schwartz and Howard Dietz, is dusted off, reinvented and included in Nine Stories by the young jazz band and its leader, who grew up in Provence, France. One of the piece's most interesting moments comes when guitarist Alex Wintz, saxophonist Luca Stoll and Nicolas play the same notes and chase each others' sound.
"Sweet Lorraine" is the last theme of the album and it's an emotive duo between Clovis Nicolas and Alex Wintz, who studied first at the renowned Berklee College of Music in Boston and then at the Juilliard School.
Nine Stories is a formidable album for double bass enthusiasts and music lovers alike. Clovis Nicolas is a young but mature jazz artist who's ready to fly high.
Track Listing: 
Pisces; None Shall Wander; Juggling; Mothers and Fathers; Thon's Tea; The Bridge; Tom's Number; You and the Night and the Music; Sweet Lorraine.
Clovis Nicolas: bass; Riley Mulherkar: trumpet; Luca Stoll: tenor and soprano saxophone; Alex Wintz: guitar; Tadataka Unno: piano; Jimmy Macbride: drums.

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