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2 Sem 2015 - Part Eight

Diane Hubka
West Coast Strings

By Cdbaby
On this captivating new album, Diane has assembled a West Coast jazz guitar summit, with eight West Coast master guitarists; each of the all-star groupings providing the perfect setting for her soaring vocals.
I can still remember the enthusiastic response I had the first few times I heard Diane Hubka in action, around the start of the new millennium. In one of my Los Angeles Times reviews of her performances, I mentioned “the sweet-toned timbres” of her singing, and the “coolly articulate qualities of her interpretations.” In another, I described the way “the sweet sound of Hubka’s voice blends perfectly with her 7-string guitar.”

Lara Iacovini
Right Together

By Abeat
Take a stellar cast of European and American musicians, add the presence of Steve Swallow, who is artist, and composer now entered on the elite of the contemporary scene, include a beautiful female voice, insert some lyrics specially composed basing on Steve Swallow’s instrumental songs: you get this marvellous cd, titled " Right together featuring Steve Swallow” ; a disc where the immense class of the musicians, the power of the compositions, the lyrics representing a historical exception in the Swallow's repertoire, at last but not least important, the poetry, the mastery and magic of Steve Swallow as soloist ... The result is a high quality production that combines the two shores, European and American ones, closer to each other through a process of melting of musical and artistic elements, which is in place for some time.
Paolino Dalla Porta : doublebass; Andrea Dulbecco : vibe on tracks
Lara Iacovini : vocal, lyrics; Giovanni Mazzarino : piano, Fender Rhodes on track 8.9
Adam Nussbaum : drums; Roberto Soggetti : piano; Stewe Swallow : bass

Jeremy Fox
With Love

By Edward Blanco
Dr. Jeremy Fox has certainly made his mark in the jazz world but, not as a singer or musician but rather, as an educator/clinician, vocal coach and arranger, and on his inaugural album With Love, Fox offers an inspirational vocal album of jazz standards deserving serious attention. Assembling a group of ten world-class vocalist with varied combos, studio orchestra, a big band and a string section, Fox presents eleven newly-arranged standards from the likes of Sammy Cahn, Cole Porter, Neil Hefti and Artie Shaw among others. Writing custom arrangements for a host of top-notch singers was, in part, based on his Doctoral project in Jazz Composition at the Frost School of Music at the University of Miami, the beautiful music found on this album, is the result of that creative effort.
Based in Miami, FL, the Doctor draws from many area singers with national reputations like fellow alumnus Kate Reid, Kevin Mahogany, Wendy Pedersen as well as drawing international artists like Peter Eldridge and Lauren Kinhan —both members of the renowned New York Voices—along with Brazilian singer Rose Max vocalist and Swedish vocalist Anders Edenroth. Opening the music is a brand new arrangement of the time-honored Lew Brown/Sammy Fain standard "That Old Feeling" with Professor Reid providing the smooth vocals befitting such a tune. Essentially, book ending the album by appearing one more time on the finale, Reid—with the accompaniment of the String section—provides a truly inspiring version of the Sergio Mendes staple "So Many Stars."
Grammy-nominated singer Kate McGarry graces the recording with a tender treatment of the Cahn/Van Heusen standard "All My Tomorrows" followed by one of the highlights of the disc with baritone vocalist Kevin Mahogany's superb voicing of "Three Little Words." Not to be outdone, Derek Fawcett—founding member of the Chicago-based pop group Down The Line—delivers a fantastic version of "Get Out of Town," featuring Alex Weitz on tenor saxophone with some of the best instrumentals of the recording. Versatile jazz singer Sunny Wilkinson provides a warm and gentle take of the Stephen Sondheim song "Not While I'm Around" followed by a terrific arrangement of the Hefti/Bobby Troupe classic "Girl Talk," delivered by the sensational Wendy Pedersen with a little help from alto saxophonist Neil Carson.
Two beautiful soft spots on the recording come from first, the Edenroth original "Friendship" complete with cello, flugelhorn and flute solos, and the Jimmy Dorsey immortal "I'm Glad There Is You" voiced with emotion by Eldridge. Fellow New York Voices member, Kinhan gets to swing a bit on the big band arrangement of Shaw's perky "Moonray" assisted by pianist/keyboardist Daniel Strange, director of an All-Star Jazz ensemble in Coral Gables, FL. Cleverly crafted for some of arranger Jeremy Fox's favorite singers, With Love is a treasure trove of gorgeous arrangements, outstanding vocal performances and stellar instrumentals—all defining this charming recording as one of the best vocal albums on the jazz landscape.
Track Listing:
That Old Feeling; All My Tomorrows; Three Little Words; Get Out of Town; Not While I'm Around; Girl Talk; Dindi; Friendship; I'm Glad There Is You; Moonray; So Many Stars.
Jeremy Fox: piano (5), keyboards (6); Kate Reid: vocals (1, 11); Kate McGarry: vocals (2); Kevin Mahogany: vocals (3); Derek Fawcett: vocals (4); Sunny Wilkinson: vocal (5); Wendy Pedersen: vocals (6); Rose Max: vocals (7); Anders Edenroth: vocals (8); Peter Eldridge: vocals (9); Lauren Kinhan: vocals (10); Daniel Strange: piano, keyboards; Rene Toledo: guitar; Geoffrey Saunders: bass; Michael Piolet: drums; Ramatis Moraes: guitar (7); Lindsey Blair: guitar (6); Zach Larmer: guitar (6); Steve Lewis: drums (6); Angelo Versace: piano (4); Tim Jago: guitar (4); Daniel Susnjar: drums (4); Ryan Chapman: trumpet, flugelhorn; Paul Equihua: trumpet, flugelhorn; Jared Hall: trumpet, flugelhorn; Derek Ganong: trumpet, flugelhorn; Eric Bowman: trombone; Stephen Szabadi: trombone; Chris Gagne: trombone; Major Bailey: bass trombone; Neil Carson: alto saxophone; Dan Andrews: tenor saxophone; Alex Weitz: tenor saxophone; Matt Burchard: tenor saxophone; Derek Smith: tenor saxophone, clarinet, bassoon; Matt Small: clarinet; Ernesto Fernandez: flute; Erin Fishler-Branam: background vocals (8); Sherrine Mostin: scratch vocals; Pedro Fernandez: percussion; Nathan Skinner: vibraphone; Maria Chlebus: vibraphone (6); Vivek Gurudutt: table; Phuttaraksa Kamnirdratana: harp; Cassandra Eisenreich: flute; Allison Hubell: flute; James Drayton: oboe; Rachel Lueck: English Horn; Peter Bianca: clarinet; Carlos Felipe Vina: bassoon; Julia Paine: bassoon; Mathew Shefcik: flugelhorn; Stanley Spinola: horn; Larysa Pavecek: horn; Jon Lusher: horn; Sarah Williams: horn; Adam Diderrich: concertmaster; Michelle Godbee: violin; Patricia Jancova: violin; Karen Lord-Powell: violin; Zachary Piper: violin; Katrina Schaefer: violin; James Schlender: violin; Arianne Urban: violin; Steffen Zeichner: violin; Amanda Diaz: viola; Emily Jones: viola; Robyn Savitzky: viola; Kathryn Severing: viola; Joy Adams: cello; Sarah Gongaware: cello; Cecelia Huerta: cello; Chris Young: cello.

Mark Elf
Returns 2014

By Joe Williams
A terrific Return! I was really excited to see this new release by Mark Elf after his time away, and now I find myself going back to this album often. A nice collection of straight ahead jazz and hard bop, technically sharp and precise as always. I found these tunes more accessible and swinging than some of his other releases I've heard. Worth it. 

Sam Most
New Jazz Standards

By Carl Saunders

Sam Most's very last recording, featuring all new compositions from
the multi-talented Carl Saunders, was recorded and finished just a month
prior to Most's passing on June 13, 2013.
One of the most beloved figures in jazz, best known for being a
pioneering jazz flute soloist.
Full of spirit, with catchy toe-tapping originals that include Sam scatting
perfectly, this is really great stuff!
One of the most gifted jazz musicians I ve ever met.

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