Friday, February 03, 2006

Bill Evans's Box Sets - 2006

Welcome to worldjazz 2006,
Well, the jazz world is fine, lots of new cd's to come out until April.
My number one jazz musician is Bill Evans, and since 1989 I'm buying his cd's. But I always
wished to buy his complete recordings at Riverside Records( 1958-1963 ), and this January, I did so. It is just wonderful.
If you wish to start on Bill Evans, I can recommend the following below:

The Complete Riverside Recordings 12 cd's

Cover (The Complete Riverside Recordings:Bill Evans)

The Complete Fantasy Recordings 9cd's ( 1969-1977 )

Cover (The Complete Fantasy Recordings:Bill Evans)

Turn Out The Stars/ Final Village Vanguard Recordings ( June 1980 ) 6 cd's

Cover (Turn Out the Stars: Final Village Vanguard Recordings:Bill Evans)

With these three box sets, you'll have almost everything he ever recorded.

great jazz,

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