Sunday, February 26, 2012

Gadi Lehavi Trio with Ravi Coltrane - Fortaleza/CE-Brasil

By Dr.Marcilio Adjafre,M.D.
Closing the Jazz & Blues Festival, the musicians down Guaramiranga hill to do a kind of
encore at Fortaleza. Friday night, 02/24, I saw the concert of the Israel born musician
Gadi Lehavi’s trio and his guest, Ravi Coltrane. What a wonderful concert!
The young pianist(only fifteen years old) accompanied by Max Oleartchik on bass and Itay
Morchi on drums, started playing on a brazilian piano Chateaubriand made by Pianoforte Pernambucano, two original compositions. Initially nervous and shy, the pianist grew up on Giant Steps, with Ravi Coltrane on tenor sax, both supported by the great bassist Oleartchik. After, they played Con Alma and Footprints, Gadi played again some others own compositions. With a very good interaction, Gadi and Ravi gifted
Fortaleza, a city knowed by a kind of music called Forró, with a high level jazz. The silence
and respect of the audience was a proof of this.

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