Monday, April 02, 2012

Tracks of the Week - April 2012

Cover (Sarah: Dedicated to You:Carmen McRae)

By Claudio Botelho
#01- Roberta Gambarini and The Dave Brubeck Trio performing "Alice in Wonderland"
This is the track # 7 of the CD "Everybody Wants to be a Cat" - Disney Jazz, Vol. 1. If there’s any other extremely tuneful jazz singer south of Ella Fitzgerald, this is Ms. Gambarini…
#02 – Antonio Faraó, along with Darryl Hall (b) and Andre Ceccarelli (dr), playing “Izieu”
This is track #3 from “Domi”, his latest album. In a word: wonderful!
#03 - "Everlasting" From Gordon Goldwin's BIG PHAT BAND "That's How We Roll" 
#04- "It´s Not Polite To Point", From the Same Album
Two very different renditions, one from the other, but having the convergence of freshness...
#05- "Sad Princess" - From Alex Domschot's "Venusian Commute"
More than eleven minutes of virtuose reflexive beauty in a combination of guitar, cello and bass, makes this tune un unforgetable experience!...

By Leonardo Barroso
1- Laurence Hobgood and Charlie Haden building a masterpiece: "Que Sera Sera"
 Beautiful ! Pure music ! Pure Jazz !
2- Canada's Power Trio: Holly Cole Trio - Holly Cole, Aaron Davis, David Piltch
Jazzin' on "Calling You" ! Eargasm !!!!
3- "Send In The Clowns". Sent from heaven: Carmen McRae's Trio: Shirley Horn, Charles Ables, Steve Williams. 
Recorded in 1991 it's McRae last recording, in a homage to Sarah Vaughan - Sarah: Dedicated To You.

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